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                                                              New Additions

New Logos by Greg MacAdam on Zazzle:

The new "Mission Accomplished" design is now available on Zazzle, as well as Gambadori and more yet to come.


    Jbu's Adventure: A short story put together by 
     Gregory MacAdam set in a unknown part of the sahara
     where a lone Tuareg finds a secret long hidden by the

      Penciled an inked by hand using brushes. 3/9/11
      At last page you can see the original sketch that sparked 
      the idea to make this story. As you can probably tell it got 
      truly expanded.   

 Amok: This was a joint project that put the story telling
 of Greg MacAdam and the illustrating strengths of Daniel     MacAdam together into one black an white product.

Starring the characters Tybos (right hand picture) and 
Death Charge who at this point have no particular back story
but an obvious distaste for each other. 

Ink an penciling by Greg and Daniel MacAdam.


Always keep an eye open for new paintings an posters in the
art gallery.

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