Here you can view various works by Greg MacAdam. 
In general Gregory does all his work in the strokes of a brush, but on occasion he turns to art programs to create digital art.
If you are interested in buying a copy print of a piece displayed here.                                                                                               Click on the link below for his contact information:

"Cheetah cubs hunting"
 Reference from a National Geographic magazine.
Brush and ink.
Gregory MacAdam

Pouncing Cheetah
Imaginary Cheetah. I did this picture for a cousin of mine. What you see is what 
she wanted it to look like. Note: Cheetahs don't have retractable claws. This one
is purely fictional.
Brush and ink.

Two Penguins by Greg MacAdam
Charcoal pencil and water colour pencils.

Mourning Dove by Greg MacAdam
Reference Photo from "North American Birds"
brush, ink and water colour.
Completed 19/12/11

Elephant taking sand bath by Greg MacAdam
Reference taken from National Geographic.
brush and acrylic.
completed 23/3/10

Evening mountain by Greg MacAdam
Chinese water colour. Reference taken from book.
Brush, pencil, water colour.

completed 18/7/09

"Free Tamale"      
  Picture created for a friend. Penciled, inked then water coloured by Greg MacAdam.   
Completed 12/6/11                        

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